A higher standard for HVAC

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning prides ourselves on the higher standard we deliver to homeowners. By making durable and reliable HVAC systems that fulfill your temperature needs, while also maximizing your comfort, we’ve earned multiple Top Homeowner Satisfaction Awards. But the best part? We’re just getting started.

Multiple Top Homeowner Satisfaction Awards*

Dependable and durable comfort

Hours of testing  

American Standard products are put to the test within our SEET (Systems Extreme Environmental Testing) laboratory, enduring rigorous trials through harsh weather conditions. We know our systems are built to last, but our testing proves it.  

American Standard units in households

We’re over 5 million units strong and growing. An American Standard unit can provide a high quality, reliable system that effortlessly fulfills your comfort needs.  

American Standard Dealers

Our products are held to a higher standard, but so are our dealers. With industry-leading support, our expert American Standard dealers are equipped to help you with your system every step of the way.  

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